‘Fora de joc’ stands on the European scene

The European Documentary Film Magazine or what is the same, DOX magazine, has published a review of Fora de joc directed by Sergi Moreno and produced by Parallel40 for TV3. DOX is the leading European magazine focusing on documentary film and one of the most prestigious on the international scene. The documentary review, which is about 30 minutes, appears on the Note-worthy films section, on the sprint 2011 edition.

Fora de joc was produced in 2010 as a  taller  for Parallel40 and was presented to DocsBarcelona film festival this year.

For a de joc  tells the story of Sergi, a 34 years young man who goes through a maturity crisis that makes him feel fora de joc (“offside”). The main character knows that his youth is coming to an end even without having consolidated his professional status, or economic or personal. This situation generates such a frustration for him that he isn’t able to look to the future, and for this reason Sergi decides to share this feeling with his friends. Maybe they have suffered the same illness: the difficulty of growing up. 

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