Memorimage grows 68% in its sixth edition

The sixth edition of Memorimage. International Film Festival of Reus closed on the 12 November with an increase of 68%, with a total of 2,472 participants in the different sessions and side events organized during the festival. MemoriJove tripled the number of attendeers and more than 80 people attended the Professional Conference.  

Memorimage opened its sixth edition with 22 films on various topics, but usually with a common point, they  “don’t speak that much about the events but about the characters caused them” as highlighted by the festival’s Artistic Director, Anna Marqués.

The program was led by the premiere of the film Maria Gorgues, “Brava, Victoria! Audience Award winner, whose television broadcast premiere was postponed after the festival. fact which shows the importance and consolidation of Memorimage. Ciutat de Reus Award went to “Cabaret Berlin” while Rescat Cinema Award went to in “El ultimo magnate“. On the other hand, MemoriReus Award was for “Els Brigadistes entre Nosaltres” and iuth the Democratic Memorial Prize was awarded “Jesus Monzon, el lider oblidat per la historia.” The jury also gave Memorial Democràtic ​​special mention to the film “Els Brigadistes entre Nosaltres”.

78 Exhibitions
90288 Spectators