Planet of Snail: in the beginning there was darkness and silence

In the beginning there was darkness and silence.
The darkness and silence were with God.
When I came into existence, they came to me.

The main character of The Documentary of the Month of February is Young-Chan, who lost his vision and hearing from a serious fever when very young. He often describes himself as a ‘snail’ since he has to rely only on his tactile senses, just as slowly as a snail, to communicate with others. 

Being unable to speak other’s language, he once believed he had been singled out from the world. But a woman of an angel walks into his life. Soon-Ho, as short as a little girl who is also disabled, changes his life dramatically. Being married to her, he explores the things he can neither see nor hear. The once lonely snail goes sleighing, swimming and writes essays, poems and even a script for a play, translating every experience into his unique words.

Although he does not get discouraged easily, obstacles still linger around him. He cannot go anywhere without Soon-Ho who is his translator and guide. In a meeting with a social worker one day, they realize they cannot be together forever and how vulnerable Young-Chang is without Soon-Ho.

Young-Chan begins to learn to walk with a blind stick, precariously for the first time in 40 years, while Soon-Ho stays home, alone for the first time in their marriage.

On February the 7th will be the premiere at 20:30h at Méliès Cinema of Barcelona.

From this day, as always, please consult the website of The Documentary of the Month for more venues and schedules:

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