Screaming Men

On Thursday, May the 2ndScreaming Men, the Documentary of June, will have its premiere within The Documentary of the Month project. The Finnish word huutaa means anything man can do with a loud voice: scream, shriek, screech, cry, howl, roar with laughter… And this is the word that gives rise to the Mieskuoro Huutajat, (the screaming men), a unique mail choir from Finland. Dressed in black suits, white shirts, and rubber tie, its members perform the repertoire by shouting and screaming.
Coinciding with the première in la Filmoteca de Catalunya, on Thursday 2nd at 7.30 pm, we will count with Mika Ronkainen, director of the documentary and also ex-member of the screaming chorus, who will introduce us the film and will answer the audience questions. You can meet him in the screenings of June the 2nd in the Filmoteca de Catalunya and Cinemes Girona of Barcelona, in Molins de Rei on June the 3rd and also in Arenys de Munt on June the 4th.
In Barcelona, Screaming Men will also be screened on Thursday 2nd of May in the Cinemes Méliès and Cinemes Alexandra. In the rest of cinemas and towns of the network, you will be able to watch the film during the whole month. To take a look to the schedule:

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