Secrets of La Rambla with Lluís Permanyer

La Rambla it’s a singular avenue on the world where the Barcelonian citizens and tourists walk every day. But, ¿Do we really know the Rambla of Barcelona? ¿ Do we know the stories hidden on the buildings or in the doorways, ¿why were the banks placed at Canaletes from the beginning?. Although we it doesn’t seem so there are  a lot to discover about the mythical street in Barcelona. The documentary ” La Rambla : Secrets d’un escenari” produced by Parallel40 for TV3’s ”Sense ficció” takes us into this place in Barcelona that has become as a unique street in the world and a true synthesis of public spheres dynamics public. This documentary shows us La rambla as the stage selected by the citizens to play the great events of Barcelona. Thanks to Ventura Pons, Joan Gaspar , Nazario and other characters who lived in this street , the writer and journalist, Lluís Permanyer, leads us recognizing the strength of the inmaterial heritage reflecting the city soul across life, dead , war, funny, sex and urbanism. In words of Lluis Permanyer , a street that we can not to miss.

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