The Documentary of the Month already available online

Did you miss The Documentary of the Month at your usual venue and don’t know how to recuperate it? From now on, it will be very easy. Thanks to, The Documentary of the Month can be watched online, at website or directly at your television, one month after been screened at theaters.
Parallel 40 has signed a collaboration agreement with, company who incorporates the video store on television through the Internet, thanks to it The Documentary of the Month will be available online.
Available in original version subtitled in Spanish and Catalan, this new catalog debuts this month with “Pink Saris”, the Kim Longinotto’s documentary, screened last month on the theaters. This film explains the daily life of a group of women from Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, identifiable by their pink saris, that fight against the forced marriages and harassment suffered by many young girls. A tough look, but also fun, of this activist and their charismatic leader.
 In addition, you can find available the 4 most important films of The Documentary of the Month 2010 like “Burma VJ”, directed by Anders Ostergaard, best documentary nominee in 2010 Oscars, “God Bless Iceland”, about the economical crisis, the documentary about Farah Diba “The Queen and I” and the musical documentary “The last applause”.
From November on, every month The Documentary of the Month will present a new film release a new documentary online through a new amazing and real story that will open a little the window into the world.

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