The Documentary of the Month already available online

Since this last June The Documentary of the Month it’s already available on the Internet through the Chilean platform, one of the biggest companies of online and telephonically distribution of cultural contents in Latin America and the main one in Chilean Territory.
The first première has been La Isla, directed by Uli Stelzner, a story about the accidental discovering of the historic archive of Guatemala’s National Police, whom at the ends of XX century, together with the National Army, murdered and kidnapped thousands of people.
Available in HD and with extra content, La Isla will be the starting point for the première, every first Thursday of the month in Bazuca on Demand, of a new documentary from The Documentary of the Month’s catalog, formed by the best movies opened in his Theatre Net in Spain, Argentina and Uruguay and selected and renown at the main festivals around the world. Titles like Burma VJ, Oscar nominee on 2010, or the first documentary directed by the French actress Sandrine Bonnaire, Her name is Sabine, are some examples., a division of the large Chilean holding VTR, has over 10 years in business. In 2010 started his activity in the on demand video and the applications for mobile devices in response to the needs of a new model of content distribution adapting to the consumer habits. Nowadays, Bazuca has 10.000 subscribers and 2.000 transactions per month in the Section Bazuca on demand (video on demand).
With this action, The Documentary of the Month gives one step more to his permanent objective, to bring closer the documentary to the spectators. For the first time in his 6 years of history, the premières of The Documentary of the Month are available on the Internet, one click of distance.

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