The peddler: are you ready to dream?

A man arrives with a broken-down car to a small town of La Pampa in Argentina. He meets with the municipal authorities and makes them a suggestion: make a feature film in 30 days, in exchange for food and lodging. The actors: the neighbors. Once the mayor accepted, the whole town lives for a month the rate proposed by the filmmaker film alone.
This is the life of Daniel Burmeister, which runs through Argentina people to people creating unique stories immortalized in movies. In each village fits their scripts and get extra money by selling tickets and DVDs.
The rumor about the existence of this character, the protagonist of an apparent unrealistic romantic legend, takes the 3 directors: Eduardo de la Serna, Luke Marcheggiano, Adriana Yurcovich to check the accuracy of the story.
The result is The Documentary of the Month of July, the Argentine film “The Peddler”, to be released on July the 5th in the Méliès Cinema in Barcelona.
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