This month of May, a documentary about the dignity of work

“If you want to be a boat builder, you have to be born to be.” This phrase sums up one of the protagonists of “Wadans World”, the film chosen for Documentary of the Month of May, the importance of his job for him.
This film will be screened coinciding with the Labor Day and is a film about the dignity of work and a beautiful and striking example of what is behind the abstract concept of “crisis”.
The documentaru is from Germany and is directed by Dieter Schumann. It explains how for the main characters, working at the factory is not just a salary, it’s also the pride of a job, the dignity achieved through the generations.
The income of every third family in Wismar (120 km east of Hamburg, 45.000 citizens) depends on Wadan Yards, the only large company in the region. In August 2008 a Russian investor takes over the old German company, the future seems save. Short afterwards the world financial and economical crisis starts somewhere in the US and hits the old Hanseatic city hard, 5.000 jobs are endangered.
On May the 3rd there will be a special screening at Cines Renoir Floridablanca, for this session is required an invitation. (Limited capacity, check availability at
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