DocsBarcelona opens its XIV edition

Yesterday was held the press conference to present the International Documentary Film Festival DocsBarcelona.

The festival’s director, Juan Gonzalez, remarked that the proposal of DocsBarcelona is based on the concern of “finding the audience for each type of documentary”, and on diversity in order to “demystify” the documentary genre and bring it closer to the public. During the press conference, Joan Gonzàlez also noted that in this new edition DocsBarcelona becomes competitive and adds two new sections to its lineup, DocsAffairs, a “commitment to the mix between investigative journalism and documentary”, and Finisterrae, that aims to show creations that “seek the limits even between documentary and fiction”. DocsBarcelona director remarked the importance of the special guest this year, Peter Greenaway, who is  not only the programmer of the Dernier Repas section, but will conduct a master class that will surely seek provocation. 

The director of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries (ICIC), Felix Riera, also attended the press conference. He noted that DocsBarcelona is “a strategic element for the audiovisual sector and the ICIC, committing to creation and industry; the director of Media Antena Catalonia, Alex Navarro, mentioned the three words that, from his point of view, better define the 14-year trajectory of the Festival: “network, success and Europeanness”, and the International Relations and Head of Televisió de Catalunya, Victor Carrera, remarked the importance of “search formulas through which TV3 may add up, engage and integrate. “

The opening film director, Patricio Henriquez, when talking about You do not like the truth. 4 days inside Guantánamo, a film that shows the real images, until now under secret summary, of an interrogation to a young 16-year old prisoner in Guantanamo, accused of war crimes in Afghanistan, said that, although images from the film are of “very poor quality”, they become documents “that reveal those segments of reality that are invisible and very difficult to expose. Images that depict the dialogue of incommunication. “

Today February 2 in Room 1 of the Cinemes Girona DocsBarcelona will open with the presentation of journalist and presenter Albert Om. The screening of You do not like the projection of the truth. 4 days inside Guantanamo will be the Festival premiere. Until Sunday, 6 February, a total of 42 documentaries will be screened.  For the first time in the history of DocsBarcelona, these documentaries will compete for different prizes.

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90288 Spectators