Docs of the Month and International Amnesty collaborate for the campaign against the massive surveillance

Docs of the Month and Amnesty International – Catalonia start this summer a collaboration with a campaign against the massive surveillance.

Next September Docs of the Month and International Amnesty – Catalonia join forces to sensitize the citizens about the surveillance which they are submitted day after day and which they are the consequences. A topic issue related with the last terrorist attacks in different European cities.

Under the Spanish premiere of the film A Good American, a documentary of Friedrich Moser about the polemic NSA agent who showed the inefficiency of NSA because the individual interests with the procurement policies, Docs of the Month offers to Amnesty International more windows to broadcast his campaign #UnfollowMe that pretends to make people aware about how the communication’s surveillance become in less freedom and rights in the name of surveillance and the fight against the terrorism.

As part of this collaboration, the premiere of the film in Barcelona on Thursday 8th September in Aribau Multicines will be presented by Daniel Vilaró, spokesman of Amnesty International – Catalonia and the campaign #UnfollowMe related to the VI Annual Forum of Amnesty International Catalonia ” The discourse of the fear. The cut of rights in the name of safety”, that will take place on Saturday 15th October next to Sants Train Station (applications will open from middle of September on

Docs of the Month premiere A Good American in 60 venues during all September, under the project Moving Docs that promotes the premier of this film simultaneously in different European countries: United Kingdom, Slovenia, Poland and Cyprus, inter alia. Consult all the projections on

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