Jordi Borràs and Carles Viñas present the premiere of “Golden Dawn Girls” in Barcelona

Jordi Borràs and Carles Viñas, protagonists of the debate about the extreme right on premiere DocsBarcelona of the Month.

Next Thursday, April 5, DocsBarcelona of the Month premieres Golden Dawn Girls, the amazing film by the Norwegian documentary maker Håvard Bustnes, who achieved unprecedented and unique access to the ultranationalist Greek party of Golden Dawn. More information here.

After the screening will start a conversation with Jordi Borràs, photojournalist specializing in the extreme right in Catalonia, and Carles Viñas, historian, singer and expert in the ultra movement.

The debate will take place at a time of growing concern across Europe over the rise of the extreme right, where in some countries, such as Hungary or Austria, it has come to power. The French National Front, the UKIP or the party led by the Dutchman Geert Wilders are other examples of the rise of parties with a xenophobic and ultra-nationalist ideology. Particular emphasis will be placed on the particular case of Spain and the role of the extreme right in Catalonia.

Jordi Borràs is a renowned illustrator and photojournalist member of the Ramon Barnils Journalists Group. He works as a freelance photojournalist in different media such as El Món, Crític, Nació Digital, Vice News or Gaztezulo. In the field of photography and journalism, the publication of three books about extreme right in Catalonia.

Carles Viñas, PhD in Contemporary History at the University of Barcelona, ​​has published several books and articles about the ultra movement in the football world. He is also known as the singer of the punk-Oi group Opció K-95.


The premiere will take place at the Aribau Club of Barcelona (Gran Via de las Corts Catalanes, 565) on Thursday, April 5 at 7:30 p.m.

Get your tickets in advance in this link.


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