Successful premiere of “Dolphin Man” in Barcelona

The premiere of Dolphin Man beats record of spectators in Barcelona

The DocsBarcelona of the Month of July starts stronger than ever. The premiere of the documentary Dolphin Man, which took place at the Aribau Club of Barcelona on Thursday, July 5, exceeded its own attendance record so far this year. 162 people filled room 1 to see the incredible story of Jacques Mayol, the legendary freediver who was the first to reach 100 meters deep without the help of artificial respiration.


Photo: Salima Jirari

The premiere was attended by the world champion of static apnea, the Catalan Aleix Segura Vendrell, who today holds the Guinness World Record in his discipline with 24 minutes and 3 seconds underwater.

Aleix Segura, world champion of static apnea

Dolphin Man promises to be one of the best valued documentaries of the DocsBarcelona of the Month 2018. It will be able to be seen throughout the month of July in several Spanish rooms. You can check this link.

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