Palacio de la Prensa, the new cinema of the documentary network in Madrid

DocsBarcelona of the month will begin the projections at the Palacio de la Prensa this month of July

The Palacio de la Prensa (“Palace of the Press”) of Madrid enters at the documentary film network of the DocsBarcelona of the Month. The central Madrid cinema, managed by the company Super8, a benchmark in the field of exhibition and film distribution, has decided to make a great commitment to documentary film and become a new and important exhibition window in the Spanish capital.

They will start with the movie Dolphin Man next Thursday, July 26 at 8:00 pm and will continue from September with the corresponding program, projecting the first Thursday of each month.

The DocsBarcelona team is very happy to be able to add a new room in Madrid, which together with the Matadero Cineteca, bring documentary cinema to new audiences throughout the country.

Dolphin Man, directed by the Greek director Lefteris Charitos, has filled the rooms of the network with many spectators since the day of its premiere, on Thursday the 5th at the Aribau Club of Barcelona.

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