A deluxe speaker at the colloquium of “Last Days in Shibati”

The correspondent of the Catalan Public Television TV3 Francesc Canals will be on the premiere of Last Days in Shibati


The last premiere of DocsBarcelona ofthe Month of 2018 is more than interesting. Francesc Canals, the renowned journalist of TV3 and Catalunya Radio in Beijing, will be the protagonist of the colloquim after the screening of the documentary Last Days in Shibati, netx Tuesday December 4th at the Cinemas Girona in Barcelona.

Directly from Peking and via Skype, we will initiate a conversation with the veteran correspondent from the same movie theater once the screening is over to talk about topics covered in the film, such as gentrification, forced expropriations, migrations from the rural world to large Chinese cities (and vice versa) and the future of the Asian giant.

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Francesc Canals has a degree in Information Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has been deputy head of the International Services section of Televisió de Catalunya and co-editor of the weekly international information program “Món 324”.

Since joining the TV3 International section in 1990, he has specialized in the areas of East Asia and Southeast Asia, with coverage in China, North Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Among other news events, it has covered the Kobe earthquake and the Hong Kong recession in China in 1997.

Since February 2015 he has succeeded Sergi Vicente as a correspondent for TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio in China.

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