A luxury guest at the premiere of “Ouaga Girls”

Journalist Tania Adam, in the colloquium of the Spanish release of Ouaga Girls film

Tania Adam, journalist and editor of Radio Africa Magazine will be the protagonist in the colloquium in the Spanish release of the documentary Ouaga Girls, the next Thursday 7th February on Cinemas Girona (Girona Street, 175) at 7:30 p.m.

After the screening will start the colloquium-talk with the renowned journalist to talk discuss about issues appeared on the film, as afrofeminism concept, empowerment of the women in Africa, intersectionality or the underrepresentaty of the afro collective in Spain.

You can not miss it! Get your tickets HERE

Tania Safura Adam, collaborator journalist in Barcelona Television (Betevé) and cultural manager specialized in migrations

es periodista en Betevé (Barcelona Televsión) y gestora cultural especializada in migrations, interculturality and African societies. She is the founder and editor of Radio Africa Magazine and collaborates with the “El matí de Catalunya Ràdio”.

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