Q&A with the journalist Ana Alba

The journalist and correspondent in Middle East, will do the Q&A on “What Walaa Wants” Spanish premiere.

The next DocsBarcelona of the Month premiere will be on Cinemes Girona of Barcelona on November 7th at 8 p.m. After the film will take place the Q&A from Jerusalem and via Skype with Ana Alba, journalist and correspondent in Middle East for many media and member of Grup Contrast.

Ana Alba Garcia (Barcelona, 1971) is a renowned journalist based in Jerusalem and specialized in Middle East issues. In 1995 she graduated in Information Sciences for Autonomus University of Barcelona (UAB). Since then she worked as a freelance in Yugoslavia where she covered the pos-war in Bosnia and the war of Kosova for the catalan journal Avui, COM Ràdio and Deutsche Welle.

Since June 2011 she work as correspondent in Jerusalem for El Periódico de Catalunya and since a few time also for Cadena SER. In 2012 and 2014 she covered the wars in Gaza, and also in other countries as Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, collaborating with Russia Today TV and Radio Euskadi.

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What Walaa Wants draws a process by a young girl who lives in Balata refugees camp, near Nablus city, wants to be policeman. The trainings to get in the Palestinian National Authority are very tough, but if she achieves it, she will be one of the few police-women in the West Bank. In this situation, Walaa has to deal with her mother whose after eight years returns from an Israelian prision, sentenced for helping a terrorist, and with her little brother who wants to be like his intifada idols.

A film that bring us closer to the life of Walaa Khaled since she was 15 to 21 years old, as she is ready to get over the troubles and wonder about the establishment. With all of this situation, will she be able to achive her dream of becoming policewoman?

What Walaa Wants is the latest film of the Canadian documentalist Christy Garland.

 Charming look at life in Palestine from an unexpected angle – Norman Wilner, NOW Magazine

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