COVID-19: Docs of the Month spring schedule postponed in autumn

Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 and the uncertainty of its evolution, the Docs of the Month has decided to postpone its next releases to put ahead the health of its public, the continuity of its team, the sustainability of the project and the same time guarantee the quality and diversity of content for the rooms that make up the network. For this reason, the next releases will be postponed until September 2020.

All these changes have taken place after deep reflection, together with our main collaborators, whom we thank for their support. Currently, we are working with the aim of making programming available to our public and to continue giving opportunities to projects in development, also in these particularly difficult times for the audiovisual and documentary sector.

In this case, the three films (April, May, and June) have been postponed and will occupy the space of the months of September, October and November. This decision will make three fewer documentaries premiere this year on the network of 70 state theaters (10 in Barcelona), but content saturation is avoided next fall.

The situation has also affected the DocsBarcelona festival and changes its format to make the 23rd edition of this 2020 an online edition, both the festival’s projections and industry activities.

The DocsBarcelona online will take place on the same dates originally planned, from May 20 to 30, 2020. We wish we could count on your support and that you join us on this new virtual trip, which we will report promptly.

DocsBarcelona team

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