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Fernando Romero Forsthuber

2017 94 min.

Original Version in Arabic, English and Hebrew with Catalan and Spanish subtitles


Technical specs

    • Director: Fernando Romero Forsthuber
    • Producers: Jürgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski
    • Script: Ari Yehudit Richter, Jürgen Karasek
    • Cinematography: Jakob Fuhr, Martin Putz, Falko Lachmund y Rabia Salfiti
    • Editor: Wolfgang Auer
    • Music: Jowan Safadi
    • Sound: Feras Shehadeh
    • Age rating: Not recommended for children under 7 years



“NAMRUD” tells the story of JOWAN SAFADI (43) born as Palestinian in the State of Israel, a famous musician and a true free spirit. With his band Fish Samak he delivers songs ranging from the political and social to the emotional and philosophical and gathered a huge fan-community in the Arabic world. Jowan is unafraid to speak his mind or tackle taboo subjects, and his lyrics, at once penetrating and witty, have also courted controversy on several occasions: Previously investigated by Israeli police for “inciting terrorism”, his last tour to Jordan ended with his arrest and an overnight stay in a Jordanian prison cell.

However, his 15-year-old son DON moved to his home shortly. Now, Jowan has to face a whole new challenge: on the one hand, he continues to fight for his ideals and his music, but at the same time he hast to take paternal responsibility and offer his son a suitable environment. But this cant´t prevent him from again making some trouble in the region. “Namrud” is a film about the struggle of a spirited individual, standing between the two frontlines of a political conflict and his attempt to fight for a place to live, where he, his son and his people feel not only safe, but are also able to thrive.

It´s a film about internal and external limits and the question if a single individual can initiate a change in the society he lives in. Will Jowan succeed or has the time come to leave?

About direction (Fernando Romero Forsthuber)

Fernando Romero-Forsthuber was born in Seville in 1983 to a Spanish father and Austrian mother. At 17, he came to Vienna and immediately began to work in the film industry. 2 years later, he made his first trip to Israel. There he started to work with Palestinian musicians as a director/producer for their music videos. In Austria he established a good reputation in the field of music videos, image films and commercials. In the last years Fernando also worked on reports for the TV-stations ORF (especially in Syria) and ATV. He has been to Palestine/Israel for many times and is strongly integrated into the scene.

Awards & Festivals

  • Oficcial Selection. DocsBarcelona – Spain, 2018
  • DocsBarcelona Valparaíso – Chile, 2018
  • DOK Leipzig – Germany, 2017
  • Haifa Independent FF – Israel, 2018
  • CinéDOC-Tbilisi FF – Georgia, 2018
  • DOK.fest Munich – Germany, 2018
  • DokuBaku – Azebaijan, 2018
  • Crossing Europe FF – Austria, 2018
  • Ethnocineca FF – Austria, 2018
  • Festival Internacional de Cine Político – Argentina, 2018
  • Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos – Colombia, 2018
  • WOMEX – Spain, 2018
  • International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage – France, 2018
  • Fünf Seen Filmfestival – Germany, 2018
  • NAFA Ethnographic FF – Denmark, 2018
  • Arab Film Festival – Denmark, 2018
  • Cinemed Festival – France, 2018
  • DUHOK – Irak, 2018
  • Frontdoc – Italy, 2018