el Documental del mes April 2017


Max Kestner

2016 89 min.

Original Version in Spanish and Catalan subtitles

Technical specs

    • Director: Max Kestner
    • Executive Producer: Sigrid Jonsson Dyekjær
    • Photography: Poul Meyer, Claus Mejling, Max Kestner, Kim Høgh Mikkelsen
    • Edition: Jakob Thuesen
    • Sound: Hans Møller
    • Music: Paul Leonard-Morgan
    • Production: Danish Documentary Production
    • Suitable for all audiences



Amateurs in Space is a story of two friends, Peter and Kristian, and their shared boyhood dream of traveling into space in their own home-built space rocket. If they succeed, the two Danes will write themselves into the annals of history as the world’s first amateurs to go into space. But the two enthusiasts soon realize that rocket science is the least of their problems.

It’s a humoristic story about Peter Madsen and Kristian von Bengtson working hard to make their dreams come true. They are building a spacecraft to take one person on a flight into space. The two of them are the only people working on the project full-time. They founded “Copenhagen Suborbitals” and gathered a small group of volunteering spaceflight enthusiasts from different backgrounds around them who contribute to the project alongside their regular work. The goal is a suborbital flight. One hundred kilometres up into space, and back again – at the courtesy of gravity.

About direction (Max Kestner)

Max Kestner graduated as a documentary film director from the National Film School of Denmark in 1997. He made "Max by chance" in 2004, which was chosen for First Appearance at IDFA Amsterdam. He has made several feature length documentaries in Denmark and has won several Danish Academy Awards. His new film ”Amateurs in Space”, is produced at Danish Documentary Production. The film revolves around two Danish engineers who are building their own spaceship from hardware store appliances, thereby trying to become the first Amateurs in Space. The film will be premiered in November 2016. Max just made a feature fiction film ”Man Divided” wich will premiere in 2017.

Awards & Festivals

  • DocPoint, Tallinn – Estonia, 2017
  • Helsinki Doc Point Documentary Film Festival – Finland, 2017
  • IDFA – Netherlands, 2016