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Anja Kofmel

2018 90 min.

Original Version with Catalan and Spanish subtitles
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Technical specs

    • Directed by: Anja Kofmel
    • Written by: Anja Kofmel
    • Producer: Samir, Sinisa Juricic, Heino Deckert, Iikka Vehkalahti
    • Executive Producer: Sereina Gabathuler
    • Editing: Stefan Kälin
    • Cinematography: Simon Guy Fässler
    • Animation: Simon Eltz, Serge Valbert
    • Music: Marcel Vaid
    • Sound Design: Markus Krohn
    • Production: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG, Nukleus Film, MA.JA.DE. Filmproduktion, IV Films
    • Distribution: DocsBarcelona Distribution
    • Age rating: not recommended for children under 16

Audience award 2020




In the early 90s, the War in Yugoslavia broke out and young people from all over Europe went there to fight, among them a Swiss journalist who was found dead in Croatia dressed as a mercenary. Twenty years later, filmmaker Anja Kofmel investigates the reason for his death and what brought her cousin to war.

Thanks to a journal that Chris left, Anja Kofmel begins to imagine the last few months of her cousin’s life. What begins as a curiosity to understand the motivations of a 27-year-old Swiss young man to become part of a group of armed mercenaries (PIV), many miles away from his home, becomes a personal and accurate research which brings together witnesses such as the members of his family, his former journalism colleagues, PIV mercenaries and even the former terrorist “Carlos El Chacal”. The image that little by little is created in Anja Kofmel’s mind about the last months of Chris’s life becomes a very personal animated world that recreates the story of an announced death.

About direction (Anja Kofmel)

Anja Kofmel studied Animation at Lucerne School of Design and Art (HSLU). During that time, Anja spent a semester at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (ENSAD) in Paris. In 2009, she completed her studies and received a diploma in visual design, specializing in animation. Her diploma project was Chrigi, an award-winning and highly acclaimed short film dealing with the brutal murder of her cousin Christian Würtenberg. After receiving her diploma, Anja focused on working as an independent animation and documentary filmmaker as well as an illustrator. Between 2015 and 2017, she spent most of her time in Croatia and Germany leading an international team of animators as the director and artistic leader of the Anima Doc Chris the Swiss, which is a more elaborate examination of the murder of her cousin. During that time, she also founded her own production company Asako GmbH in Zurich. In 2018, she finished her work on Chris the Swiss.

Awards & Festivals

  • Semaine de la Critique, Festival de Cannes – France, 2018
  • Película Inaugural, Leeds IFF – UK, 2018
  • Premio Alpe Adria Cinema & Premio Balcani Caucaso Transeuropa, Trieste Film Festival – Italy, 2019
  • Mención especial del Jurado, DocsBarcelona – Spain, 2019
  • Premio del Público, Between Women Filmmakers Caravan – Lebanon, 2019
  • Golden Pegasus, Animator Festival – Poland, 2019
  • Best of Fests, IDFA – Netherlands, 2018
  • Película Inaugural, Animasivo – Mexico, 2018
  • Selección Oficial, Animafest FF – Croatia, 2018
  • Gems of New Cinema, Midnight Sun Film Festival – Finland, 2018
  • Annecy International Animation Film Festival - France, 2018
  • Sección Another View, Karlovy Vary IFF – Czech Rep., 2018
  • Animation Section, Melbourne IFF – Australia, 2018
  • Kinoscope Programme, Sarajevo IFF – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2018
  • Impact Section, Vancouver IFF – Canada, 2018
  • Animation Nation Section, Mill Valley FF – USA, 2018
  • New Filmmakers Competition, São Paulo IFF – Brazil, 2018
  • International Programme, DOK Leipzig 2018 – Germany, 2018
  • Documentary Competition, Minsk Listapad IFF – Belarus, 2018
  • Festival de Cine Europeo de Sevilla – Spain, 2018
  • Movies on War Film Festival – Norwey, 2018
  • Les Sommets du Cinéma d'Animation FI Montreal – Canada, 2018
  • Vilnius IFF – Lithuania, 2019
  • Documentary Competition, Crossing Europe FF – Austria, 2019
  • Framing Reality, New Zealand Film Festival – New Zeland, 2019