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Sam Benstead

2013 75 min.

Original Version with Catalan/Spanish subtitles

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Technical specs

    • Director: Sam Benstead
    • Executive Producer: Brian Hill, Liesel Evans
    • Photography: Sam Benstead
    • Editing : James Gold
    • Production company: Centrury Films
    • Suitable for all audiences



South Sudan became an independent state in July 2011, following almost 50 years of civil war. Although still steeped in the memories of countless victims of violence, the new nation is seeking to make a place on the international soccer stage by forming its first national team. The man called in for this task is the Serbian Zoran Djordjevic, a dynamic and hugely ambitious veteran coach. The film follows the team over its first year, from the hunt for new players to buying a sheep called Champion as its mascot and the first international games. Zoran’s aggressive and even dictatorial style soon leads to conflict with the chair of the soccer federation and several senior politicians. As the euphoria of independence subsides, the team finds itself hit by bitter infighting, malaria and a financial crisis that threatens the state itself. What follows is a darkly comic and original portrait of the birth of a nation.

About direction (Sam Benstead)

After studying philosophy at Oxford University, Sam began his career in television in development. A few years in he was made Head of Development at Atlantic Productions and later OR Media, securing commissions such as Hannibal: Enemy of Rome and the award-winning theatrical release, Everest: The Wildest Dream. His first documentary for UK television, Garden That Changed The World was a primetime hit on BBC2 and won an award at the NFT for cinematography. His second, Spies Beneath Berlin won a Golden Camera Award at the US International Film Festival.

Awards & Festivals

  • IDFA. The Netherlands, 2013.
  • DocsBarcelona. Spain, 2014.