el Documental del mes October 2014


Victor Kossakovsky, 32 estudiantes

2013 70 min.

Original Version in Catalan and Spanish

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Technical specs

    • Direction, screenplay, photography and editing: Victor Kossakovsky and 32 students
    • Executive Producers: Jordi Balló, Eva Vila
    • Sound: Juan Sánchez 'Cuti'
    • Music: “Don Quijote” by Minkus
    • Production companies: Victor Kossakovsky films & Màster en Documental de Creació
    • Suitable for all audiences



2012: a year of massive protests all over the world. Spain is the centre stage of two general strikes against the government’s austerity plans. In Barcelona the demonstrators gather in various places in the city and the police use rubber bullets to control them. Shops and offices close, some of their own accord, others compelled by the events. During that period, the Liceu Theatre is playing Ludwig Minkus’ ballet, Don Quixote.

During the two days of the general strike, 32 students of Pompeu Fabra University’s Master in Creative Documentary take to the streets with their cameras to record the facts from different perspectives, following the guidelines of Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky. The result is a ‘film-ballet’ in which the characters, the sounds and the situations found are combined with Minkus’ music in a revealing mix that causes an unexpected effect.

About direction (Victor Kossakovsky, 32 estudiantes)

Born in St.Petersburg in 1961. Since 1978 worked as assistant cameraman, assistant director and editor. From 1986 to 1988 he studied screenwriting and directing. He has made ten films than won more ten hundred awards: Losev, The other day, The Belovs, Wednesday, Pavel and Lyalya, I loved you..., Tishe!, Svyato, Vivan Las Antipodas! and Demonstration together with 32 students.

Awards & Festivals

  • IDFA. Netherlands, 2013.
  • MOMA Documentary Film Festival. USA, 2014.
  • True/False Film Festival. USA, 2014.
  • Hot Docs. Canada, 2014.
  • DocsBarcelona. Spain, 2014.