Lucas Marcheggiano, Eduardo de la Serna i Adriana Yurcovich

2009 84 min.

Original version in Spanish

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Technical specs

    • Directed by: Eduardo de la Serna, Lucas Marcheggiano, Adriana Yurcovich.
    • Production: Adriana Yurcovich
    • Photography: Pablo Parra
    • Sound: Damien Turkieh
    • Score: Atahaualpa Yupanqui
    • Suitable for all audiences



Daniel Burmeister is a filmmaker, and filmmaking is not just a profession to him; it is his life. He drives around Argentina in a beat-up old car, going from village to village.

In each village, he approaches the local mayor and offers to make a feature film there in about 30 days, in exchange for room and board. He assembles the cast from local villagers; the equipment (a camera and a lamp for shooting at night) is his own. For each film, he adapts one of his five screenplays to suit the location and situation, and ultimately makes his money from ticket sales for screening his movie to the villagers/actors.

This documentary follows the tireless and irrepressibly optimistic Burmeister from the moment he arrives in yet another little village. Using all his charm and persuasive powers, he manages to get almost everyone to play a part in his comedy. The camera follows Burmeister everywhere he goes, through all his waking hours, but occasionally takes a step back for gorgeous cinematic shots or to capture the sometimes hilarious goings-on on the set. In voice-over, Burmeister talks about his life and shares his refreshing philosophy in pithy quotes.

About direction (Lucas Marcheggiano, Eduardo de la Serna i Adriana Yurcovich)

Eduardo de la Serna (Buenos Aires, 1958), Lucas Marcheggiano (Buenos Aires, 1964) and Adriana Yurcovich (Santa Fe, 1951) live in Buenos Aires and have worked together on a number of different projects over thte past ten years. In these projects, most of which are fiction shorts, the three have alternated their roles as director, producer, assistant director and executive producer. El Ambulante was written and directes by all three.

Awards & Festivals

  • BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente — Premio del Público. Argentina, 2010.
  • Dok.Fest Munich — Premio Horizonte. Alemania, 2010.
  • FIDOCS — Mejor película latinoamericana. Chile, 2010.
  • Festival de Cine Latín de Flandes — Mejor película. Bélgica, 2010.
  • Dok.Fest Munich — Premio Horizonte. Alemania, 2010.
  • FIDOCS — Best Latinamerican Film. Chile, 2010.
  • Festival de Cine Latín de Flandes — Best film. Bélgica, 2010.