Jordi Rovira & Xavier Baig

2018 93 min.

Original Version with Spanish subtitles
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Technical specs

    • Direction: Jordi Rovira and Xavier Baig
    • Script and documentation: Òscar Moreno and Jordi Rovira
    • Production: Xavier Baig and Òscar Moreno
    • Co-production: TVE and TV3
    • Executive production TVE: Andrés Luque
    • Executive production TV3: Jordi Ambròs
    • Photography: Xavier Baig
    • Sound: Òscar Moreno
    • Edition: Xavier Baig
    • Graphics: Xavier Dávila
    • Suitable for all audiences



Eugenio filled scenarios with his presence and his particular sense of humor. He was always unemotional, dressed in black, hiding his face behind a big dark glasses and the smoke of his eternal cigarette.

Eugenio remains in the mind of several generations, who still laugh and explain their jokes. Since the eighties, until the mid-nineties, he was present in all homes and families across the country through television and the tours he did throughout Spain and part of Latin America. But his professional success, hid what was happening far from the spotlight, in his intimity.

A multifaceted character, Eugenio was also a jeweler, singer, businessman, painter, actor and even an amateur of esotericism. His life was marked by a great love – his first wife, Conchita Alcaide – that made him an artist. The sudden death of Conchita was the turning point that would mark his life forever. On the one hand, it coincided with the beginning of his success. On the other, an infinite sadness took posetion of him that would take him to a pit of darkness.

A portrait of the most unknown Eugenio.

About direction (Jordi Rovira & Xavier Baig)

  • Jordi Rovira is a director and screenwriter. Freelance journalist since 1998 and Bachelor of Information Sciences (UAB), Political Science and Sociology (UAB) and Geography and History (UNED). He has made social reports in thirty countries such as Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland, which were published in many Spanish newspapers. Since 2005 he combines this work with the direction of Capçalera, the magazine of the Col·legi de Periodistes de Catalunya. In 2015 with Òscar Moreno, Jordi Rovira co-directed the documentary Joana Biarnés, una entre tots.
  • Xavier Baig is director of photography and producer. In 2007 he founded, with Òscar Moreno, the production company Rec Videoproduccions, SCP, in which they produce their own and commissioned documentaries for chains such as TVE, TV3, Antena 3 and Discovery Channel, and among which the documentary Joana Biarnés, una entre tots, stands out.

Awards & Festivals

  • Section Latitud. DocsBarcelona - Spain, 2018
  • Special Mention of the Jury. Cerdanya Film Festival. Spain, 2018
  • SomCinema. Spain, 2018
  • Special Mention of the Jury. Semana Internacional de Cine de Autor de Lugo. Spain, 2018