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Alba Sotorra

2014 78 min.

VO in Catalan, Spanish, Persaian subtitles in catalan/spanish
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    • Technical specs

        • Produced by: Mar Sáez, Mariona Claveria, Ángeles Hernández
        • Music: Michael Fakesch
        • Sound: Alejandro Fernández
        • Edited by: Cristóbal Fernández
        • Directed by: Alba Sotorra
        • Screenplay: Isa Campo
        • Cinematographer: Jimmy Gimferrer
        • Executive producers: Carles Pastor, Marta Figueras, Dirk Manthey
        • Production companies: Gaia Audiovisual, Loto Films, Promarfi Futuro 2010, Dirk Manthey Films, Televisión Española, Televisió de Catalunya
        • Not recommended for children under twelve years



Djalal was obsessed with war games before he even started walking. Growing up as a single child in a Catalan working-class family, his parents indulged his every whim. He had all sorts of toy weapons to play soldier, and as he grew older his games became increasingly sophisticated. He started recording himself on video-tapes, recreating military operations and uploading his videos on Youtube, where he created a cyber-identity – Lord Sex, with thousands of followers. Following his dream to the limit, he went to the Afghanistan front as a sniper. But there isn’t as much action in war as there is in the movies.

Djalal returns home to his parents disenchanted, and finds that everything has changed. The economic crisis has hit the family and he’s forced to make decisions. The game is over and Djalal will have to find his own place in the real world.

About direction (Alba Sotorra)

Alba Sotorra was born in Barcelona in 1980. Her work focuses on real stories of genuine characters that reflect on controversial issues. She has directed two mid-lenght documentaries Unveiled Views (2008) and Qatar, The Race (2011). Currently she is producing his next film, The Earth Masters.

Awards & Festivals

  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Czech Republic, 2015
  • DocsBarcelona – New Talent Award. Spain, 2015
  • Documenta Madrid. Spain, 2015
  • Festival de Málaga. Spain, 2015