Helgi Felixson

2009 90 min.

Original version in Icelandic with subtitles in Catalan or Spanish
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Technical specs

    • Direction: Helgi Felixson
    • Editing: Steffi Thors
    • Music: Hilmar Àrn
    • Photography: Helgi Felixson
    • Production: Titti Johnson, Helgi Felixson
    • Sound: Ingvar Lunberg
    • Suitable for all audiences



Some years ago Iceland was one of the most prosperous countries in the world. But, in the twinkling of an eye, it became a metaphor for the global crisis and a proof for the uncontrollability of raging turbo-capitalism.

Starting with the outraged demonstrators in the centre of Reykjavik, going through the resignation of leaders in banks and government as well as the election in May 2009; the documentary tells the story of the financial crisis in Iceland, diving into the very real and daily confrontations of the calamity, which undermined not only the economy of Iceland but the very identity of the small island nation as well.

About direction (Helgi Felixson)

Helgi Felixson was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, but was educated in theatre and film in Sweden. He has worked as an actor, producer and director in different theatre groups before turning solely to film making. Nowadays he runs Felix Film Ltd. in Stockholm, producing several feature length documentaries. Among them, we find The Condor Man (2002), Beneath the Stars (2005), Catch the Moment (2008) and Skatfellingur (2009), a film that also takes place in Iceland and shows how a little community from the South of the country prepares for an imminent volcanic eruption.

Awards & Festivals

  • IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam). The Netherlands, 2009.
  • One World Human Rights Film Festival. Czech Republic, 2010.