el Documental del mes January 2016


Elena Zervopoulou

2015 78 min.

VO in greek subtitled in english

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    • Technical specs

        • Executive producer: Elena Zervopoulou

        • Screenplay: Elena Zervopoulou

        • Photography: Elias Adamis, Elena Zervopoulou

        • Editing: Kenan Akkawi

        • Sound: Elena Zervopoulou

        • Music: Drog_A_Tek

        • Production companies: One Vibe Films

        • Distributor: Films Transit International

        • Suitable for all audiences



A portrait of the Greek economic crisis through the characters who decide to take control of their own destiny and change it. Giorgios, homeless, is fighting to rebuild his life. At the same time, Grigoris leaves the city with his family seeking a better quality of life in the countryside. Finally, Ilias initiates the “Potato movement” in his city’s activist group, which grows to be national, to challenge the food supply chains through solidarity and direct democracy. While inequalities across Europe are rising due to the economic crisis, the courage of these three characters reminds us that people can change reality.

About direction (Elena Zervopoulou)

Elena Zervopoulou studied ethnopsicology in the University of Paris 5. She has worked in Paris with immigrant families and as a consultant at UNESCO, with street children in Madagascar. She has the Master in Anthropological and Documentary filmmaking in the University of Nanterre. Since 2006 she has produced and directed creative documentaries and has made videos for International NGOs. She has directed the short film Sea Gypsies (2012), part of BBC’s documentary series Why Poverty? She makes her feature debut with Greece Days of Change.

Awards & Festivals

  • Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival. Greece, 2014
  • IDFA Docs for Sale. Netherlands, 2014
  • Millennium International Documentary Festival. Belgium, 2015