Raffaele Brunetti, Marco Leopardi

2008 75 min.

Original version in English, Italian, Hindi, Bengali and Telugu with Catalan and Spanish subtitles

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Technical specs

    • Direction: Raffaele Brunetti and Marco Leopardi
    • Editing: Ilaria de Laurentiis
    • Music: Alfonso DAmora
    • Photography: Marco Leopardi
    • Production: B&B Film
    • Sound: Stefano Varini
    • Suitable for all audiences



A humble family that lives in a small Indian town starts a 5-day pilgrimage to the temple of Simachalan to offer their hair in a ritual of purification. In Bombay, the executive editor of a fashion magazine decides to put on hair extensions to go to the coolest fashion show of the year.

Far away, a powerful Italian hair extension manufacturer waits for the delivery of an order of tons of hair extensions coming from India, which will be sold at a very high price. Meanwhile, in Bangalore, his Indian partner goes round the region’s temples to search for the best material to cover the heads of celebrities in the East and the West.

A story of the cult of beauty in the era of globalization. An original view of today’s India and its contradictions. A kaleidoscope of modernity, economic expansion and ancient traditions.

About direction (Raffaele Brunetti, Marco Leopardi)

Raffaele Brunetti has been a documentary director and producer since 1987. His last films have been broadcasted in more than 160 countries and have been awarded in different international festivals. He has received, among others, the Award for Creative Excellence in the U.S International Film Festival and the Globo d’Oro for the film Mitumba.

After considerable experience in photographic reportages, Marco Leopardi has directed more than 30 documentaries, among which Oltre la sbarra, a documentary on the areas near Chernobyl exposed to the radiation, and A Perfect World, produced for the “No Border” slot on National Geographic and awarded at the Big Screen Festival in Yuman (China).

Awards & Festivals

  • Ondas Award to the Best International Program. Spain, 2009.
  • Jury Award in Guangzhou Documentary Film Festival. China, 2009.
  • IDFA Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival. Netherlands, 2008.
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Canada, 2009.
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. United States, 2009.
  • DOCNZ International Documentary Film Festival. New Zeland, 2009.
  • Docville International Film Festival. Netherlands, 2009.
  • Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival. Brazil, 2009.
  • Festival dei Popoli. Italia, 2008.