el Documental del mes January 2014


Gereon Wetzel

2012 52 min.

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Technical specs

    • Director: Gereon Wetzel
    • Concept: Anna Ginesti Rosell y Gereon Wetzel
    • Sound & Production Manager: Raúl Fernández San Miguel
    • Editor: Gereon Wetzel
    • Producer: Ingo Fliess
    • Production Assistant: Johannes Schubert
    • Production: If...Productions
    • Suitable for all audiences



Shortly after the real estate bubble had burst in the United States Spain was struck by the same fate. Until then high demand combined with a lax credit policy had lead to gigantic development sites and vacation homes becoming a reality. A reality that has long since turned into vast stretches of wasteland with unfinished houses, streets ending in the middle of nowhere, vacant apartment blocks and abandoned real estate development sites.
Gereon Wetzel takes us to a paralel universe full of absurdities. A guardsman looking after 30 000 empty apartments, sheep that are gazing between houses, a driving school practicing fuel saving driving on the abandoned streets of a ghost town. Wetzel finds images  for the real estate and financial crisis that make those abstract terms understandable yet unbelievable.


About direction (Gereon Wetzel)

Nacido el 1972 en Bonn, Gereon Wetzel se graduó en arqueología en la Universidad de Heidelberg y trabajó en Cataluña durante un año. Entre 2000 y 2006 estudió Realización de Documentales a la University for Television and Film de Munich y desde entonces ha dirigido varias películas, entre las que destacan El Bulli – Cooking in Progress (2011) o How to Make a Book with a Steidl (2010).

Awards & Festivals

  • Crossing Europe. Germany, 2013
  • Dok.fest München. Germany, 2013.
  • FID Marseille. France, 2013.
  • IDFA. Netherlands, 2013.