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Jerry Rothwell

2015 112 min.

Original Version with Catalan/Spanish subtitles
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Technical specs

    • Screenplay: Jerry Rothwell
    • Editing: James Scott
    • Photography: Benjamin Lichty
    • Research: Elizabeth Klinck and Lloyd Davies
    • Production company: Met Film, Daniel Film and Insight Productions
    • Suitable for all audiences



In 1971 a small group of Canadian activists initiated their first mission aboard an old fishing boat: to stop the atomic bomb tests that Nixon was undergoing in Alaska. This was the birth of the environmental movement and the creation of the global organization that today is known as Greenpeace.

Can a bunch of journalists and hippie scientists change the world with only the aid of their cameras? This group of pacifist ecologists use images as “mind bombs”, capable of transforming consciousness, trusting in the power of images and media as tools of social change.

Even so, activism is disorganized. The true revolutions have never been able to be organized. Will they be able to agree in the important mission to save the planet?

About direction (Jerry Rothwell)

Jerry Rothwell es un documentalista inglés reconocido internacionalmente gracias a películas como Donor Unknown, Town of Runners o Deep Water. Además, ha trabajado como productor y editor distintos proyectos. En el año 2012 ganó el prestigioso premio de la Royal Television Society. Su proximo proyecto se titula Sour Grapes para la plataforma Netflix y codirigido con Reuben Atlas.

Awards & Festivals

  • Sundance Film Festival. United States, 2015
  • Sheffield Doc Fest. United Kingdom, 2015
  • Sebastopol Documentary Festival. Rusia, 2015
  • Global Visions Film Festival. Canada, 2015
  • Portland EcoFilm Festival. United States, 2015