el Documental del mes April 2016


Jordi Rovira, Òscar Moreno

2015 72 min.

Original Version with Catalan or Spanish subtitles

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Technical specs

    • Directors: Òscar Moreno i Jordi Rovira
    • Producers: Òscar Moreno i Xavier Baig
    • Photography: Xavier Baig
    • Editor: Xavier Baig
    • Sound: REC produccions i Xavier Baig
    • Executive production: Òscar Moreno, Jordi Ambròs i Andrés Luque
    • Suitable for all audiences



She sneaked into the Beatle’s suite, she tricked Roman Polanski, she was Raphael’s photographer, she chose Massiel’s dress for Eurovision, and Clint Eastwood kissed her once. She was friends with Xavier Cugat, Joan Manel Serrat, the Duchess of Alba, Fernando Rey, el Cordobés, Lola Flores, Salvador Dalí…

This is the unknown life and work of Joana Biarnés, the first Spanish photojournalist, reclaimed thanks to the discovery -this century, of striking images of the terrible 1962 floods in the Vallès region, captured by the then young photographer.

A pioneer, who overcame the prejudices of an era, succeeded in her profession, met and immortalized famous historic figures, and just when she could have become a legend, she disappeared.

About direction (Jordi Rovira, Òscar Moreno)

Òscar Moreno is an executive producer, scriptwriter and filmmaker. He has collaborated as a scriptwriter in the documentaries Cop al Banc Central, Generació D, elBulli, L’últim Vals and L’equip Ideal, all broadcasted on TV3’s Sense ficció slot. He has also been part of the scriptwriting and directing team of various documentaries and programs shown on Antena 3 and TVE’s channel La 2. Jordi Rovira holds a BA degree in Journalism and Political Science from the UAB. He’s worked as a freelance journalist since 1998. He has written feature pieces of a social nature in about thirty countries such as Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Northern Ireland. La Vanguardia has published most of them. Since 2005 he combines this work with his job as director of Capçalera, the magazine of the Association of Catalan Journalists.

Awards & Festivals

  • Memorimage, Premi Ciutat de Reus – Spain, 2015.
  • Audience Award 2016 Edition, DocsBarcelona del Mes - Spain, 2017.