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Louie Palu i Devin Gallagher

2015 76 min.

Origibnal Version in English with Catalan or Spanish subtitles

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    • Technical specs

        • Directors: Louie Palu, Devin Gallagher
        • Writer: Murray Brewster
        • Editor: Lawrence Jackman
        • Director of Photography: Louie Palu
        • Consulting Editor & Art Director: Marc Robichaud
        • Composer: Manuel Hidalgo
        • Advisors: Jennifer Baichwal, Nick Depencier, Daniel Iron
        • Co-Producers: Murray Brewster, Anthony DiPierdimenico
        • Associate Producers: Devin Gallagher, Joan Morgenstern, Dawne Langford
        • Not recommended for children under 16



April 2006. Photojournalist Louie Palu, finds himself in the midst of body parts and the smell of burned flesh. On his first visit to Kandahar he is covering a suicide bombing. Arriving in the country as the wars violence spirals out of control, Louie is unaware that he will spend the next five years covering the conflict. He begins writing a series of journals reflecting on his personal experience and what the war looked like and felt to him.

This film explores a photojournalist’s first hand account of his psychological state while covering a war. The film follows Louie’s journey covering the war in Kandahar from 2006 to 2010 and its aftermath. The narrative spine of the story is built around Louie’s personal journals written in Kandahar. The visual narrative weaves back and forth from the chaos and experiential side of the war using combat footage shot and directed by Louie to the banality of everyday life back home in North America directed by Devin Gallagher. These two narratives have been combined into a single film to give a personal and up-close view into the experience of a combat photographer. The film pivots between these two contrasting experiences which Louie struggles to bridge. Over the years Louie meets soldiers, civilians and is witness to violence and trauma, all of which is weaved into the story.

Directed by both Louie and his co-director Devin Gallagher the film explores Louie’s life long interest in understanding war connected to his family’s experience and his formative years as a photographer. Over time Louie is transformed by the war as the violence increases. The longer he covers the war, the more he realizes the disconnection that exists with the public back home, the war and himself. By the end of the film he must come to terms with the impossibility of photography to convey the reality of war because it is a personal experience.

About direction (Louie Palu i Devin Gallagher)

Louie Palu (Co-director, Producer, Narrator, Director of Photography) has worked as a professional award-winning documentary photographer for 24-years. Louie is well known for his long-term projects on social political issues. He covered the war in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006-2010 and made several short online films about the conflict. His video has appeared in numerous television documentary and news reports on the war. This is his first feature documentary film. He is the recipient of numerous awards including a Pulitzer Center On Crisis Reporting Grant. Devin Gallagher (Co-director, Associate Producer) has worked at Arlington Independent Media, a public access television station for eight-years as a Staff Producer. He has experience in every aspect of television and film production and has edited and helped produce numerous television, documentary and news programs. His first independently produced documentary film “Married in Spandex” (50 min, 2011) is a love story about a young lesbian couple who decide to go from Philadelphia to Ames, Iowa to get married. The film was selected and screened at several film festivals in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Awards & Festivals

  • DocsBarcelona – Spain, 2016
  • DOK.Fest München – Germany, 2016
  • Annapolis Film Fest – United States, 2016
  • Ethnograph Film Festival – France, 2016
  • Arizona International Film Festival – United States, 2016