el Documental del mes December 2018


Hendrick Dusollier

2017 58 min.

Original Version with Catalan and Spanish subtitles


Technical specs

    • Author: Hendrick Dusollier
    • Photography: Hendrick Dusollier
    • Co-producers: Studio HDK, Maria Roche Productions & Les Films d’Ici
    • Sound: Hendrick Dusollier
    • Manager of production: Valérie Texoraud
    • Editing: Hendrick Dusollier
    • Mixage: Jean-François Viguié
    • Producer: Hendrick Dusollier, Maria Roche, Camille Laemlé & Serge Lalou
    • Executive producer: Hendrick Dusollier, Maria Roche & Camille Laemlé
    • Suitable for all audiences



The child Zhou Hong and Mr. Xue Lian have to leave the last historical district left in the big city of Chongqing, which will be destroyed to build a new neighbourhood. Forced to abandon what has been their home until then, the narrow streets of the Shibati district are testimonies of the most traditional and historical China, which is about to disappear.

The destruction of old quarters in China is an expression of the urban, social, and cultural policies of a country where the old, traditional and historical must give way to the new, contemporary and soulless. A reflection on the ever-changing contemporary China which is losing little by little its history and legacy.

About direction (Hendrick Dusollier)

Hendrick Dusollier, a graduate in History from the Sorbonne and Fine Arts in Paris, made his first documentary piece Works in 2005, a tour of the old neighbourhoods being destroyed in Barcelona. An unprecedented technical and artistic proposal that was selected at Locarno, nominated for the César prize, SCAM, and became the most awarded short film of the year at international festivals. His second film, Babel (also co-produced by Arte), selected in Rotterdam, winner of a Unifrance Prize, and multi-award winner at festivals, is an allegory of the profound disorders contemporary China is experiencing. In 2013, his third film Histoire sur les Dictatures was described by Le Monde as “an unprecedented and vertiginous experience, a historical, technical and artistic achievement, a titanic work”. Last Days in Shibati, his new film, has just received the Grand Prix of the French competition (Prix Louis Marcorelles) and the Youth Prize at the Cinéma du Réel Festival, 2017.

Awards & Festivals

  • Festival Cinéma du Réel, France, 2017 French Competition Award, Louis Marcorelles of the French Institute.
  • Festival Guanajuato, Mexico, 2017, Juvenile Jury Award for Best Documentary
  • IDFA, Netherlands, 2017. Special Jury Award for Best Documentary