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Marc Bauder

2013 88 min.

Original Version with Catalan/Spanish subtitles
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Technical specs

    • Director: Marc Bauder
    • Executive Producer: Gunter Hanfgarn
    • Screenplay: Marc Bauder
    • Cinematography: Boerres Weiffenbach
    • Editing: Hansjoerg Weissbrich, Rune Schweitzer
    • Music: B. Fleischmann
    • Production companies: Bauderfilm, Co-Production Company: NGF Geyrhalterfilm
    • Suitable for all audiences



The masters of the universe are not politicians or armies or governments. The true masters of the universe are investment banks.

A powerful German banker gives us a disturbing vision of their emotions, motivations and predictions, while revealing a parallel universe of exorbitant incomes and ruthless pressure.

We discover a system that isolates bankers from the rest of the world and makes them incapable of reflecting on their own jobs.

About direction (Marc Bauder)

Marc Bauder was born in 1974 in Stuttgart (Germany). He studied Business Administration and then he trained as filmmaker at the Potsdam-Babelsbergs school. In 1999 he started his own production company, Bauderfilm, with which he’s produced and directed, amongst others, The System, After Revolution, The Top Manager, The Communist and Grow or Go. His documentary Master of the Universe had its world premiere at the Critic’s Week in Locarno. Marc Bauder is currently working, amongst other projects, in the feature film Razzia.

Awards & Festivals

  • Locarno FF - Prix Semaine de la Critique. Switzerland, 2013.
  • CPH:DOX – Fact Award. Denmark, 2013.
  • DOK Leipzig. Germany, 2013.
  • IDFA. Netherlands, 2013.
  • DocsBarcelona. Spain, 2014.
  • European Film Awards 2014 - Best European Documentary.
IDFA – Països Baixos, 201