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Niko von Glasow

2013 85 min.

Original Version with Catalan/Spanish subtitles

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Technical specs

    • Direction and Screenplay: Niko von Gasow
    • Edition: Mechthild Barth, Bernhard Reddig
    • Executive Production: Ingo Fliess
    • Coproduced by: Niko von Gasow
    • Production: if...Productions
    • Photography: Hajo Schomerus
    • Suitable for all audiences



The film director Niko von Glasow undertakes a journey to athletes, who compete at the Paralympic Games in London 2012. He himself is a short-armed avowed hater of sport who cannot understand how anyone could take on such an odeal voluntarily. Even more since everyday life for people with a disability is most often challenging enough.

He meets U.S.archer Matt Stutzman, Norwegian table tennis player Aida Dahlen, German swimmer Christiane Reppe, Greek boccia player Greg Polychronidis and a Sitting Volleyball team. Niko neither spares the athletes nor himself asking questions about life, sport and fears. With an ever growing appreciation for sport Niko attends the Paralympic Games and travels back to the ancient city of Olympia, where everything began and where boccia playing is prohibited.

About direction (Niko von Glasow)

Niko von Glasow made coffee and carried beer crates for Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Then he studied film at New York University and at the academy in Lodz/Poland. He've won several German Film Awards for films like Weddingguests, Marie's song and Nobody's Perfect. Niko is member of BAFTA, the European and the German Film Academy. He founded the Tibetan Film School and teaches Script Writing and Directing all over the globe.

Awards & Festivals

  • Berlinale.Germany, 2013
  • DOK.fest München. Germany, 2013
  • Festival des Films du Monde. Canada, 2013