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Talal Derki

2017 98 min.

Original Version with Catalan and Spanish subtitles
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    • Technical specs

        • Director: Talal Derki
        • Film Editor: Anne Fabini
        • DoP: Kahtan Hasson
        • Film Music: K.S. Elias
        • Producers: Ansgar Frerich, Eva Kemme, Tobias Siebert, Hans Robert Eisenhauer
        • Co-Producer: Talal Derki
        • Executive Producers: Dan Cogan, Jenny Raskin, Geralyn White Dreyfous
        • Produced by: BASIS BERLIN Filmproduktion
        • In co-production with: Ventana Film, Cinema Group Production
        • Not recommended for children under 12



The director of Return to Homs goes back to his homeland to live for two years with the family of Abu Osama, a member of Al-Qaeda in Syria. There he witnesses how his children are trained from a very young age to become Jihad soldiers. We discover from within what it means to grow up with a jihadist father.

His two children, Osama and Ayman, worship, admire and obey their father, but while Osama seems to follow the Jihad path, Ayman wants to go back to school. After winning the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance, Talal Derki seduces us with a story that helps understand the complexity and tragedy of the current conflict in Syria through the day-to-day life of both children.

About direction (Talal Derki)

Talal Derki was born in Damascus and has been based in Berlin since 2014. He studied film directing in Athens and worked as an assistant director for several feature film productions. He also directed various TV programs for Arab broadcasters between 2009 and 2011. Furthermore, he worked as a freelance cameraman for CNN and Thomson & Reuters. Both his short films and his features have been awarded at many festivals worldwide. His feature documentary RETURN TO HOMS (DocsBarcelona 2014) won the Word Cinema Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2014. That same year, he was also a member of the international Jury at IDFA.

Awards & Festivals

  • IDFA, Netherlands, 2017
  • Sundance Filmfestival, USA, 2017. Premi World Cinema Grand Jury Prize Documentary
  • Zagrebdox, Croatia, 2017
  • CPH:DOX, Denmark, 2017
  • Visions du Reel, Switzerland, 2017