el Documental del mes October 2019


Fredrik Gertten

2019 92 min.

Original Version in English, Spanish, Italian, Korean and German, with Catalan or Spanish subtitles

Technical specs

    • Direction: Fredrick Getten
    • Production: Margarete Jangård
    • Executive producer: Fredrick Getten
    • Edit: Erik Wall Bäfving
    • Cinematography: Janice d’Avila, Iris Ng
    • Music: Florencia Di Concilio
    • Sound design: Martin Hennel
    • Distribution: DocsBarcelona Distribution
    • Age rating: Suitable for all audiences



Why can’t we afford to live in our own cities? The high cost of housing and global investment funds push people to poverty, stripping them of a fundamental right. Activist Leilani Farha’s determination to report this situation reveals the perversity behind speculation. It is time to recognize that this is not a natural and inevitable development. It can change.

Housing has become one of the most urgent global problems, a fundamental human right that we are losing little by little. Increasingly, more activists and anonymous people like Leilani Farha, the charismatic protagonist and rapporteur of the UN, devote their time and energy to raise awareness with governments around the world so that they take urgent steps to reverse this global crisis. PUSH reveals the darkest secrets of the global network of real estate and urban property speculation and highlights how vultures fund investments in real estate assets are to a large extent to blame for the gentrification that neighborhoods in many cities are undergoing.

About direction (Fredrik Gertten)

Fredrik Gertten, is an award-winning director and journalist based in Malmö, Sweden, and owner and manager of the production company WG Film which he founded in 1994. Previously he worked as a foreign correspondent and columnist for radio, TV and press in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and around Europe. Today he combines filmmaking with his role as creative producer at WG Film. Recent films include BIG BOYS GONE BANANAS!*, world premiere Sundance 2012, BIKES VS CARS, world premiere SXSW 2015 and BECOMING ZLATAN, world premiere IDFA 2016. His films have met audiences in 100 countries, including leading festivals. In Sweden the sale of fair-trade bananas went from 5 to 50 % of the sales after the release of the BANANAS!* films. In October 2017 he was named Honorary Doctor at Malmö University’s Faculty of Culture and Society for his work as a documentary filmmaker.

Awards & Festivals

  • Politiken Audience Award, CPH:DOX - Denmark, 2019
  • Young Jury Reteena Award, DocsBarcelona – Spain, 2019
  • Nominated for F:ACT Award, CPH:DOX – Denmark, 2019.
  • Hot Docs, Official Selection – Canada, 2019
  • Millennium Docs Against Gravity – Poland, 2019
  • Dok.Fest Munich – Germany, 2019
  • DOXA Vancouver – Canada, 2019