Cristóbal Valenzuela

2017 80 min.

Technical specs

    • Director: Cristóbal Valenzuela
    • Production: María Paz González, Adriana Ferrarese
    • Script: Cristóbal Valenzuela, María Luisa Furché y Sebastián Rioseco
    • Edit: Juan Eduardo Murillo
    • Direction of photography: David Bravo
    • Sound: Manuel Gatica
    • Music: Jorge Cabargas



One morning in June 2005, the guards of the National Museum of Fine Arts of Chile, noticed that a millionaire Auguste Rodin sculpture had been stolen. 24 hours after the event a shy art student returns the piece arguing that he had stolen it as part of an artistic project in which he wanted to prove that “a work of art was more present not being”. After a decade of this event, artists, lawyers, theorists and the protagonist of the robbery relive this artistic-delictual episode through this documentary articulated as an absurd detective story that allows us to ironic about the state of contemporary art and the contradictions of the work artistic.

About direction (Cristóbal Valenzuela)

Filmmaker with mention in assembly. He has directed, written and assembled several fiction and documentary short films, among which "The first sorcerers were the parents" (2006) and "New Year" (2011). Since 2008 he has worked as a screenwriter and editor for several film and television projects. He currently combines his independent audiovisual works with teaching in cinema. "Robar a Rodin" is his feature debut in the documentary feature film.

Awards & Festivals

  • Official Selection, DocsBarcelona Valparaíso - Chile, 2017
  • SANFIC - Chile, 2017