el Documental del mes May 2017


Ricardo House Corona

2017 63 min.

Original Version in Spanish

Technical specs

    • Director: Ricardo House Corona
    • Executive production: Matías Cardone, Macarena Cardone, Javier Sanfeliu
    • Screenwriter: Ricardo House
    • Photography: Ricardo House
    • Editor: Ana Pfaff, Gines Olivares Estel Román
    • Music: Fernando Milagros, Patti Smith



A look at the prestigious writer Roberto Bolaño and the turbulence provoked in his strange relationship with Chile, his country of origin. We approach the writer through his friends, his ironies and his genius, through an important material of unpublished file. An approach that crosses Mexico, Spain and Chile.

About direction (Ricardo House Corona)

Ricardo House. (Santiago de Chile, 1952) Director. Documentalist. He has lived in Israel, Mexico, Sweden and Canada. He settled in Mexico from 1974 to 2014. He worked in Televisa and TV Azteca, producing children's and scientific programs. He produced documentaries for various international channels, universities and private institutions. It realized projects for the educational, informative and cultural television. Produced for PBS and WGBH, the educational telenovela "Destinos", for the teaching of Spanish. He has collaborated with the Pearson publishing house, with newscast Telemundo, CNN and Caracol. He produced the binational series "From Point to Point". Jury of the International Emmy Awards. He has investigated the writer Roberto Bolaño, creating the trilogy "La batalla Futura". He starts his new project "El espejo negro". He lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain, since the year 2014.

Awards & Festivals

  • SANFIC - Chile, 2017
  • DocsBarcelona Valparaíso - Chile, 2017
  • INEDIT - Chile, 2017
  • Guadalajara Film Festival - Mexico, 2017
  • Festival Bio Bio - Chile, 2017