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Maria Teresa Larraín

2016 75 min.

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    • Technical specs

        • Director: Maria Teresa Larraín
        • Executive Producers: Ed Barreveld, Maria Teresa Larraín
        • Edition: Ricardo Acosta, Ordan Kawai, Tim Wilson
        • Photography: Daniel Grant, Arnlaldo Rodriguez
        • Sound: Daniel Pellerin
        • Production: Maremoto Productions & Storylinentertainment
        • Suitable for all audiences



While editing her last film in Toronto, filmmaker Maria Teresa Larraín starts to lose her sight. She decides to experience her pain alone and close the doors to her past, convinced she’ll never be able to work as an artist again. However, the news of her mother’s passing means she returns to her native Chile, which she left behind 30 years back. Walking the streets of Santiago she gets to know a new world which inspires her: that of the blind street vendors of La Alameda, the city’s main avenue. A compelling journey into the depths of blindness in an autobiographic narration full of courage and a sense of humour when facing a new life.

About direction (Maria Teresa Larraín)

Maria Teresa Larrain was born in Chile in 1951.  She moved to Canada in 1976 and graduated in Radio and Television Arts at the Ryerson University in Toronto. She has worked as an independent filmmaker for over 25 years. Her character-driven films deal with issues of social justice (diversity, inclusion, “otherness”). She has directed El Juicio de Pascual Pichun, Dolores, Looking for Findley and Amor Amargo.

Awards & Festivals

  • Jury and Audience Award, DocsBarcelona Valparaíso - Chile, 2016
  • DocsBarcelona – Spain, 2016
  • BritDoc – United Kingdom, 2016
  • SANFIC – Chile, 2016
  • Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, GZDOC - China, 2016
  • International Documentary Film Festival Yogyakarta, FFD - Indonesia, 2016
  • Audience Award, FIDOCS - Chile, 2016
  • Best Film Award, FEDOCHI - Chile, 2016
  • Best National Film Award, Sound Award and Direction Aaward, DIVA - Chile, 2016