Sebastián Moreno

2006 80 min.

Original Version in Spanish

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Technical specs

    • Direction: Sebastián Moreno
    • Production: Sebastián Moreno, Sebastián Varela and Gonzalo Maza
    • Screenplay: Claudia Barril, Nona Fernández and Sebastián Moreno
    • Direction of Photography: David Bravo and Sebastián Moreno
    • Edition: Teresa Viera Gallo
    • Sound: Erik Del Valle
    • Sound Designer: Cristién Freund
    • Music: Manuel García and Silvio Paredes
    • Production Company: Las Películas del Pez
    • Not recommended for children under thirteen years



During Pinochet’s long regime, a crew of photojournalists framed Chile’s people and turmoil. In the streets, in the middle of bloody riots and protests, these fearless photographers learned their craft and created their own language. For them, taking pictures was a way to be free, an alternative to keep on living, a way of being more than  mere spectators but vital actors. Pinochet had the power and the guns, but these photographers had the lenses and the flashes. Their camera was the people’s weapon. These photographers represent the oppressive and ugly past.

About direction (Sebastián Moreno)

Sebastián Moreno was born February 22nd 1972 (in Santiago, Chile), between 1989 and 1992 he studies Audiovisual Communication at the School of Arts and Communication (ARCOS). He travels to Cuba where he takes courses of Direction of Photography for Cinema at the Cinema and TV School of San Antonio de los Baños. In 1996 he begins studies of Anthropology until 1998, complementing his formation as a documentalist. He develops as a Director of Photography in Documentary Cinema. In 2006 he directs his first feature film “The City of Photographers”, an epic film about photography during the times of Pinochet (Best Documentary - African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival of Milan 2007; Special Mention of the Jury - Festival de Guadalajara; Nominated for Best Documentary in IDFA 2006).

Awards & Festivals

  • Best Documentary Award - Festival Cinema Africano, Asia e America Latina de Milano. Italy, 2007
  • Pedro Sienna Award. Chile, 2007
  • Special Jury Mention Film Festival Guadalajara. Mexico, 2007
  • Nominated for the Best Documentary Award Altazor, 2007
  • Honorable Mention Documentary Festival Chiloe. Chile, 2007
  • Nominated for Best Film at IDFA. Netherlands, 2006
  • Honorable Mention International Documentary Festival Santiago - FIDOCS. Chile, 2006
  • Best International Documentary Festival Iberoamericano in Viña de Mar. Chile, 2007