Amy Hardie

2009 73 min.

Technical specs

    • Written and directed by: Amy Hardie.
    • Executive Producer: George Chignell, Lori Cheatle and Doug Block.
    • Photography: Amy Hardie and Ian Dodds.
    • Editor: Ling Lee, Colin Monie and Michael Culyba.
    • Music: Jim Sutherland.
    • Production: Amy Hardie Productions, Passion Pictures and Hardworking Movies.
    • Suitable for all audiences



This is the story of a rational, sceptical woman, a mother and wife, who does not normally remember her dreams. Until she dreamt her horse was dying. She woke so scared she went outside in the night. She found him dead. The next dream told her she would die herself, when she was 48. The Edge of Dreaming charts every step of that year.

The film explores life and death in the context of a warm loving family, whose happiness is increasingly threatened as the dream seems to come true. From the kids’ reaction to their horses’ death, the film mixes humour, science and married life as Amy attempts to understand what is happening to her. Everyone wrestles with the concept of their own mortality, but few so directly confront the subject. When Amy fell seriously ill, as her dream predicted, she went on a search to change that dream, leading her to eminent neuroscientist Mark Solms, and to new understanding of the complexity of our brains. The final confrontation, going back into her dream with the help of a shaman, reveals a surprising twist to the tale.

More information

About direction (Amy Hardie)

A documentary director/producer with several international awards, Amy Hardie graduated from the National Film and Television School with the BP Expo award for best UK graduation film. She set up the Scottish Documentary Institute in 2004 with Noe Mendelle, and Docspace, dedicated to increasing an audience for serious documentaries. Recent work has focussed on collaborations with leading scientists to explore stem cell technology. The Edge of Dreaming is her first personal film.

Awards & Festivals

  • Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, The Netherlands, 2009
  • DocsBarcelona, International Documentary Film Festival, Spain, 2010
  • ZagrebDox, International Film Festival, Croatia, 2010)
  • The International Nicosia Documentary Festival "Views of the world", Cyprus, 2010
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece, 2010
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, NEW DOCS program, USA, 2010
  • Bafici Film Festival, Argentina, 2010