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Sara Ishaq

2013 64 min.

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Technical specs

    • Directed by: Sara Ishaq
    • Editor: Doaa Fadel, Sara Ishaq
    • Cinematography: Sara Ishaq
    • Sreenplay: Sara Ishaq
    • Executive producer: Diana El Jeiroudi
    • Sound: Sara Ishaq
    • Music by: Ahmed Al-Shaiba
    • Producers: Proaction Film, Seen Films, Setara Films, Dubai Film Market / Enjaaz Film Fund
    • Distribution: Proaction Film GmbH
    • Suitable for all audiences



Sarah was born in Yemen for 30 years , daughter of Yemeni father and Scottish mother . During adolescence began to feel increasingly uncomfortable with their surroundings and with 17 he decided to go to Scotland to live with his mother. The father only let her go if it renounced its roots . Sarah promised it , but finally failed to fulfill its promise.Ten years later , in 2011 , Sarah returned to Yemen turned into another person. Is determined to confront his past and aims to rediscover their native roots. Unexpectedly, he found a country that was about to experience a revolution within the framework of the Arab spring.

About direction (Sara Ishaq)

Sara Ishaq is an award-winning Yemeni-Scottish documentary filmmaker. Sara holds an MFA in film directing at the Edinburgh College of Art. She spent some time in the past few years volunteering in the occupied Palestinian territories and radio-reporting from Yemen, while documenting her experiences through video blogs. She has been involved in several BBC productions set in the Middle East. In 2012, Sara released her first short documentary film about the Yemeni revolution, Karama Has No Walls, which was nominated for a BAFTA New Talent Award, screened internationally winning several awards including Aljazeera Film Festival Award for Short Doc. Karama Has No Walls is among the 8 short docs of the semi-finales nominations for OSCARS. Sara's most recent doc The Mulberry House shot in Yemen during the revolution in 2011 and later in 2012 is an official selection of IDFA 2013 and is competing at Dubai International Film Festival 2013.

Awards & Festivals

  • IDFA. Holland, 2013
  • Dubai International Film Festival. United Arab Emirates, 2013
  • London Human Watch Rights Film Festival. United Kingdom, 2014
  • DOK.FEST Munich. Germany, 2014
  • This Human World Festival - Jury Award. Austria, 2014