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Karin Steinberger & Marcus Vetter

2015 117 min.

Original Version with Catalan or Spanish subtitles

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    • Technical specs

        • Director: Marcus Vetter & Karin Steinberger
        • Edit: Marcus Vetter, Michele Gentile, Patrick Wilfert
        • Producer: Marcus Vetter, Louise Rosen, Ulf Meyer
        • Sound: Aljoscha Haupt
        • Music: Jens Huerkamp
        • Production company: Filmperspektive
        • Not recommended for children under 12 years



The cold-blooded murders of Nancy and Dereck Haysom shocked the world in 1985. Their daughter Elizabeth’s 90-year sentence as accomplice and the life sentence for double murder given to Jens Soering, Elizabeth’s German boyfriend, disturbed society. Their case was the first criminal trial broadcasted live on TV.

After 30 years in jail, new forensic techniques discredit the key evidence against Soering. Nobody believed him when he explained that Elizabeth was the author of the crime and that he had pled guilty to the police to prevent his loved one from being executed.

A tragic adolescent love story with ingredients from the best crime drama: an obsessive mystery, horror, unexpected turns, and cynicism towards the judicial system.

About direction (Karin Steinberger & Marcus Vetter)

The promise is the third joint work of Marcus Vetter and Karin Steinberger, after The Forecaster, released in the DocsBarcelona of the Month in 2015, and Hunger (2009). Steinberger is an editor of the prestigious German magazine Sueddeutsche Zeitung (SZ). She was the one who brought to light the case of Jens Soering in 2006 when she still had no visibility in Germany and proposed the production of the documentary to Marcus Vetter. Vetter has worked as a television editor, producer and director since 1994. He has won several international awards and his films have been shown at festivals around the world. He has directed, among others, The Tunnel (1999), My Father the Turk (2006), Heart of Jenin (2008), awarded in Valladolid, or The Court (2012).  

Awards & Festivals

  • Official Selection, DocsBarcelona - Spain, 2017
  • Official Selection, DocAviv - Israel, 2017
  • Official Selection, Riverrun - USA, 2017
  • Award for Human Rights and Democracy, Filmfestival Türkei Deutschland - Germany, 2017
  • Official Selection, DocsBarcelona Valparaíso - Chile, 2016
  • Official Selection, IDFA - Netherlands, 2016
  • Official Selection, Doc NYC - USA, 2016
  • Official Selection, Denver Film Fest - USA, 2016
  • Official Selection, Virginia Film Fest - USA, 2016
  • Official Selection, DocsDF - Mexico, 2016
  • Official Selection, Reykjavik International Film Fest - Iceland, 2016
  • Official Selection, DMZ Docs - South Korea, 2016
  • Official Selection, Filmfest München - Germany, 2016