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Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina

2012 84 min.

Original Version with Catalan/Spanish subtitles

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Technical specs

    • Directed and written by: Pablo Iraburu and Migueltxo Molina
    • Executive Production: Pablo Iraburu and Igor Otxoa
    • Head of Production: Marga Gutiérrez
    • Edited by: Migueltxo Molina
    • Cinematography: Raúl de la Fuente
    • Score: Mikel Salas
    • Suitable for all audiences



On the south face of Annapurna, at 7,400 metres, Iñaki Ochoa de Olza is dying. His rope companion sounds the alarm. And, from the other side of the world, the biggest rescue attempt in the history of the Himalayas gets underway. For four days a dozen men including some of the best mountaineers in the world, from ten countries, set out to try to rescue their stricken comrade.

Even beyond his peaks Iñaki is an exceptional man. As exceptional as the rescue attempt itself and the men who risked their lives to save him. Exceptional because their one driving rule is to live.

To live in the only way possible: with pure intensity and honesty.

About direction (Pablo Iraburu, Migueltxo Molina)

Founder of Arena Comunicación, Pablo Iraburu firm its second documentary Pura vida, after the experience of Nomadak TX in 2007, also released in the Documentary of the Month. Furthermore, he has directed numerous documentaries for National and International Institutions and for several NGOs around the world. Migueltxo Molina is part of Arena Comunicación since 2007. He was the writer and editor of the shortfilm La Voz de Iñaki, embryo of Pura Vida, and he was also the director of the TV program of mountaineering by TVE Desafío 14+1.

Awards & Festivals

  • Festival de San Sebastián - Serbizu Saria Award. Spain, 2012.