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2012: a year of massive protests all over the world. Spain is the centre stage of two general strikes against the government’s austerity plans. In Barcelona the demonstrators gather in…


PETITET and EUGENIO on cinemas again!

calendar or in Cinemas Texas and Cinemas Albatexas webside. Eugenio, there will be projections on Thursday 15th November in Cinemas JCA Valls and in Lleida’s Teatre Principal at 8 p.m….



…of the famous idol of the Catalan rumba, Peret, already dead like all the great names of his generation who popularized and internationalized the Catalan rumba. Before his mother died,…


Parallel 40

Parallel 40 is an audiovisual company with its head office in Barcelona. From its beginning, in 1996, it specializes in five work area: Documentaries development and production Documentary cinema distribution…

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