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PETITET in the Gaudí Film Exhibition

Petitet, the documentary by Carles Bosch, in the Gaudí Film Exhibition. The Gaudí Film Exhibition is the Catalan film circuit organized by the Catalan Cinema Academy and aims to bring…



…fail? This film follows brain surgeon Henry Marsh as he openly confronts the dilemmas of the doctor patient relationship on his latest mission to the Ukraine. Henry is one of…


A film unfinished

In the rest of cinemas and towns of the network, you will be able to watch the film during the whole month. To take a look to the schedule: http://www.eldocumentaldelmes.com/en/documentals/salas.html


The peddler: are you ready to dream?

July the 5th in the Méliès Cinema in Barcelona. From this day, as always, please consult the website of The Documentary of the Month for more venues and schedules: http://www.eldocumentaldelmes.com/en/documentals/salas.html

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